4.17.19 Council Meeting Minutes

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APRIL 17, 2019

The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman. Present were Council Members Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Others in attendance were Guest Council Member Dawn Christian, City crew member Brandon Trower, Mike Thomas, Leona Darrah, Heidi Bellon, newspaper representatives, and the deputy City clerk.

Jaeckel made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-20, a resolution rescheduling Monday, May 6th at 7:00 p.m. for the public hearing regarding the sale of the property described as Lot 4 Block 21 of the Original Town of Corydon, Wayne County, Iowa to Mike Thomas for the sum of $ 28,240.54. Rupe seconded. Ayes- Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-21, a resolution approving the preliminary budget amendment and setting a public hearing for Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:00p.m. Bennett seconded. Ayes- Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none.

Rupe made the motion to approve the request from the Wayne Community Art Club to close Jackson Street on the north side of the High School for Art on the Street. Time and date-May 10th between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3 p.m. Jaeckel seconded. Ayes- Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none.

A call was made to Jared Chambers for any updates on the RFP. Chambers said that they are working with some people to make a draft RFP with correct wording, so it can be shown to the council sooner. They are also looking for qualified engineers for the job. Chambers was assured that the whole council was in favor of the offer. Jaeckel made the motion to approve the offer for RFP for a comprehensive plan. Holmes seconded. Ayes- Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none.

Rodgers made the motion to accept the March financial report from LeCompte Memorial Library as presented. Jaeckel seconded. Ayes- Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none.

For good cause business Moorman said he had a discussion with the IDOT about the water pooling problem at the intersection of Hwy 2 and S West St. The IDOT said it is our issue and suggested the City put a storm drain in.

Moorman also stated that he had been invited to a meeting regarding the Transit bus. Chariton Valley Planning was in charge of the meeting. They told about new rates for the transit bus and that there is no age limit to ride.

Rodgers reported that her street financing meeting in Grinnell that she was to go to had been postponed due to weather and is now on May 9th at 5:30. She is not able to go due to going to another meeting and invited any of the other council members to go in her place.

Holmes congratulated Trower on passing his Grade 2 water test.

Moorman informed the council that he and the City Clerk spoke with the City’s attorney, and legal counsel clarified that since the work sessions’ agendas are posted and the minutes from them are published, they are actually regular council meetings.

Rodgers listed a few ideas for guest council members and agreed to contact one to be next month’s guest council member.

During the discussion of the previous meetings’ minutes, Guest Council Member Christian asked for clarification on the bids received for the library, since there was confusion of whether an emailed bid could be accepted or not. Jaeckel made the motion to approve the minutes of previous meetings, if the Clerk would add a note about the bids in them, and clerk’s report. Holmes seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays- none. Rupe abstained from voting on the April 10th minutes as he was not in attendance.

The Deputy City Clerk reported that the residing of the community building at Walden Park has been started.

Trower told the council that East Penn’s new water tower was up and in use. He also said that the meter they are using to meter the tower is not adequate and needs to be upgraded. Trower asked the council if the City should pay for it or if East Penn should. A new 6 inch meter would be around $4,300. The mayor agreed to talk to East Penn at a future meeting.

Trower also reported that there is a valve at the bottom of one of the surge tanks at the pool that has rusted off and needs to be replaced.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, May 6th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Dennis Moorman


Laticia Stewart
Deputy City Clerk

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Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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