1.7.19 – Council Meeting Minutes

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JANUARY 7, 2019

The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman. Present were Council Members Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Others in attendance were Matt Comer, Mike Moran, Sharon Anderson, Rob Davis, Angie Dillard, Devon Rodgers, Mark and Dawn Christian, Rhonda Bennett, Jennifer Reed, the deputy Clerk and the City clerk.

Holmes introduced Matt Comer to the forum. Comer is Holmes’ pick as a guest Council Member for the month of January. While Comer is not yet a resident, he lives in the area and plans to move to Corydon in the very near future.

Jaeckel introduced Mike Moran. Moran is Jaeckel’s pick as a guest Council Member for the month of January. Moran moved to Corydon last year and has expressed an interest in City government and issues at previous meetings.

Sharon Anderson addressed the Council in regards to the costs associated with renting roll-offs from Midwest Sanitation vs. C & E Trucking. Rob Davis stated that the contract between the City and Midwest Sanitation did not address roll-offs and as such, the City could not prevent C & E from bringing roll-offs into town. Jaeckel promised both parties that the City would take another look at the contract and look into the reported cost differences. Anderson will receive a call by Wednesday morning in regards to the debris from her business.

Jaeckel presented the first reading of ORDINANCE 337, AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 13.16.040 OF THE CORYDON MUNICIPAL CODE. The amendment increases the minimum sewer fee from $30.00 to $40.00 after publication, third (3rd) reading and approval by Council.

Holmes made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-1, a resolution setting a public hearing for Monday, February 4 at 7:00 p.m. to advise the public of the City’s intent to sell the property at 110 S. Franklin Street. Bennett seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Jaeckel made the motion to approve Bob Little’s reappointment for a five year term to the Zoning Commission. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Bennett made the motion to approve the renewal of liquor licenses for Ludlow’s, Casey’s General Store and Gasland Express. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Holmes reported that the culvert at 501 N. East Street did not look to be serving any purpose and could be removed by the resident.

Rodgers announced a meeting of the East Central Iowa Coalition of Municipalities in Grinnell on Thursday, March 7. The meeting will include an overview of street maintenance programs, reconstruction, planning and finance. Rodgers was encouraged to attend.

Jaeckel made the motion to approve the minutes and treasurer’s report. Rodgers seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Bennett made the motion to allow the prepaid and unpaid bills. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

The Council approved the placement of metal posts at the corner of S West Street and County Park Rd.

Holmes advised the Council of a meeting with Hall Engineering on Friday, January 11th at 9:00 A.M. The meeting has been called by the City to get updates on various projects.

The city clerk reminded the Council of the work session on Wednesday, January 16th at 6:00 p.m.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

General Fund receipts 36,944.44
Road Use Tax Fund receipts 17,991.32
Employee Benefits Fund receipts 5,582.68
Emergency Fund receipts 624.71
Local Option Sales Tax Fund receipts 11,932.01
Debt Service Fund receipts 9,311.34
GO Bonds & Interest receipts 1,240,715.76
Water Operating Fund receipts 34,191.51
Water Debt Service Fund receipts 5,677.00
Water Deposit Fund receipts 400.00
Sewer Fund receipts 23,132.94
Sewer Sinking Fund receipts 14,968.00
Rural Fire Protection Donation Fund receipts 250.00
Swimming Pool Project Fund receipts 2,000.00
TOTAL FUND 1,403,721.71
Alliant Energy Electric 1,301.04
Chat Mobility Air Pads 106.34
City of Chariton Landfill Closing Fees 170.00
City of Corydon Water Bills 226.50
Data Tech Tax Forms 113.62
Dollar General Supplies 2.00
Ellis & Associates Inc. Annual Fees 750.00
MasterCard Supplies 39.85
Midwest Sanitation & Recycling Garbage & Recycling 11,889.56
Norris, Verle W. Legal Fees 357.00
Office Machines Supplies 21.29
Post Office Annual Fee 225.00
Post Office Stamps 200.00
South Central Comm. Phone Bills 283.74
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 7.00
Wayne County Newspapers Publications 288.56
Wayne County Sheriff Law Enforcement 7,916.66
WRD Solid Waste Comm Quarterly Allocation 3,962.50
Net Payroll December 7 850.12
Federal Deposit December 7 73.03
Net Payroll December 21 1,441.67
Federal Deposit December 21 118.23
TOTAL FUND 30,433.66
Agriland FS Inc. Fuel 470.14
Allerton Lumber Co. Parts & Supplies .76
Alliant Energy Electric 2,335.40
B & D Corydon Parts & Supplies 453.57
Bruening Rock Products Inc. Road Rock 3,180.08
City of Corydon Water Bills 60.00
Clayton Plumbing & Heating Parts & Supplies 5.87
Colonial Life & Accident Ins Optional Insurance 61.00
Dodson Auto & Repair LLC Backhoe tire repair 200.00
Gambles Parts & Supplies 16.54
Hawkeye Truck Equipment Snow Plow 11,350.00
LW Electric Installed Christmas Decorations 300.00
Liberty National Life Ins Optional Insurance 37.48
Lockridge Lumber Supplies 26.99
MFA Ice Melt 7.77
MasterCard Supplies 169.99
RJ’s Auto LLC Backhoe Tires 561.94
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 114.00
Trower, Brandon Reimburse for Hammer 8.47
Ziegler Inc. Parts & Repair 712.06
Net Payroll December 7 1,012.52
Federal Deposit December 7 241.21
Net Payroll December 21 1,012.52
Federal Deposit December 21 241.21
TOTAL FUND 22,762.08
Auxiant Insurance 75.00
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Wellmark Insurance 618.52
Wellmark Pershy & Fry Insurance 1,885.25
Federal Deposit December 7 180.70
Federal Deposit December 21 215.90
TOTAL FUND 3,389.77
Deery Brothers Chevrolet Inc HMA Unit UHP System 19,463.91
Wayne County Treasurer ½ L.O.S.T. 5,966.00
TOTAL FUND 25,429.91
Agriland FS Fuel 130.76
Allerton Lumber Parts & Supplies 54.90
Alliant Energy Electric 416.37
Bruening Rock Products Road Rock 208.20
Holmes Tiling Inc. E Anthony Water Leak 330.00
Ideal Ready Mix Co. Concrete for Water Repair 1,023.75
Iowa One Call Locates 25.20
Keystone Labs Water Tests 38.00
Lockridge Lumber Supplies 65.60
Post Office Postage-Water Bills 206.29
Rathbun Regional Water Water 12,579.00
South Central Comm. Phone Bills 17.51
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 101.00
Net Payroll December 7 628.33
Federal Deposit December 7 199.47
Net Payroll December 21 1,519.02
Federal Deposit December 21 442.35
TOTAL FUND 18,434.26
Thomas, Faith Deposit Refund 137.50
Alliant Energy Electric 1,938.36
Auxiant Insurance 75.00
Electric Pump Service Lift Stations 919.80
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Keystone Labs Wastewater tests 252.00
South Central Communications Phone Bills 124.98
Southern Iowa Plumbing Sewer Jetting 340.00
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 120.00
Treasurer State of Iowa Sales Tax 963.00
Wellmark Insurance 618.52
Net Payroll December 7 1,146.45
Federal Deposit December 7 311.82
Net Payroll December 21 1,023.05
Federal Deposit December 21 266.99
TOTAL FUND 8,550.51
Agriland FS Fuel 89.38
B and D Parts & Supplies 1,245.23
Bell, Amanda Appliances for Fire Station 300.00
Danko Emergency Equip Parts & Supplies 4,074.00
Deery Brothers Chevrolet Inc MNA Unit UHP System 25,000.00
Evitt, Paul Parts & Supplies 2,135.53
Gambles Parts & Supplies 165.87
Wayne Co. Newspapers Publications 43.50
TOTAL FUND 33,053.51

Dennis Moorman


Ann Stevens
City Clerk

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Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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