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City of Corydon
Regular Council Meeting
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mayor Moorman called to order the Public Hearing regarding Budget Amendment FY 2020/2021. Present were council members Christian, Holmes, Rupe and Rogers with Bennett present over the phone.  Others present were City Clerk Eva Moore, Jen Reed from the Times-Republican, Brandon Trower with the City Crew, Deputy Wiltamuth and City Attorney Verle Norris.  Moore reported that the notice had been published as required.  As of the meeting time, City Hall had not received any oral or written comments.  No one was present from the public in person nor over the conference call.

Holmes made the motion to close the public hearing.  Rupe seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Mayor Moorman called to order the regular council meeting at 5:31 p.m.

Christian made the motion to approve Resolution 2020-35, a resolution approving the budget amendment for FY 20/21 and submittal to the Wayne County Auditor.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.  Rupe seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to continue the Covid 19 closure of City Hall and the Walden Park Building until November 9.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Council discussed the current list of nuisance properties and clean up progress.  No action was taken at this time.

Rodgers made the motion to table the quote for asbestos testing from Environmental Edge.  Rupe seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Council discussed the 2020 Walkability Report and walking audit. No action taken at this time.

Council discussed the Wellmark renewal rates for employee medical insurance. Moore reported that it was good news and a 27% decrease for the coming year.

Christian made the motion to start the bid for the 1985 Ford bucket truck at $1,000.  Rupe seconded.  Moore will place an ad in the paper.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the liquor license for Bowling Green Lanes, under new ownership.  Holmes seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the Third Quarter Roll Off Reports from Hill’s Sanitation and C & E Trucking.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the audit report from Faller, Kincheloe & Co., and the Clerk’s response.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Holmes made the motion to approve new zoning members Matt Comer and Eric Jaeckel to fill vacancies on the zoning commission.  Rupe seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Council discussed Trower’s request to de-obligate from the FEMA roads and culvert project.  Moore had obtained information that a year extension could be requested. Trower was to call Chris at FEMA to discuss.

Christian made a motion to donate an old typewriter to the City of Promise City.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Mayor Moorman asked for good cause business.  The Mayor inquired of Trower as to the oiler repair progress.  Trower stated that odds and ends were needed yet.  Mayor stated once oiler is operational it can be used not only to repair cracks but also for future dust control.  The need for more stop signs in town was discussed.  The Street Committee will continue to review.  Christian brought up future street improvements and stated the council needed to get together again soon to discuss. The council inquired of Deputy Wiltamuth about electronic speed limit signs and he stated the speed radar signs tend to encourage speeders rather than discourage.

Christian made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report for September.  Rupe seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers.  Bennett abstained.  Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve the unpaid and prepaid bills.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers.  Bennett abstained.  Nays:  none.

The City Clerk provided updates on delinquent bills that were collected, information regarding the Covid 19 Residential Utility Disruption Prevention Program, a quote for Fall Clean up from Midwest Sanitation, and some Local Option Sales Tax ballot information as previously requested by council.

City Lead Trower was present to discuss updates on the new water main building as well as future discussions needed to put more water main cap offs in the budget for maintenance.  Repairs to the Elk pen were awaiting response from Spidle Fencing.

The council conducted a closed session pursuant to the Iowa Open Meeting Law, Section 21.5(1)(c) to discuss strategy with council in matters that are presently in litigation or where litigation is imminent where its disclosure would be likely to prejudice or disadvantage the position of the governmental body in that litigation.

Holmes made the motion to proceed to closed session.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to come out of closed session.  Holmes seconded.  Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Bennett.  Nays:  none.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday October 28, at 5:30 p.m.

General Fund                                                                                    41,792.52
Road Use Tax Fund                                                                         22,509.70
Employee Benefits Fund                                                              3,008.10
Emergency Fund                                                                              602.94
Golf Shed Rent                                                                                 0.00
Local Option Sales Tax Fund                                                        13,242.62
Debt Service Fund                                                                           15,504.47
Capital Project Fund-Streets                                                       3.22
Water Operating Fund                                                                   39,538.79
Water Debt Service Fund                                                             6,307.00
Water Deposit Fund                                                                       700.00
Sewer Fund                                                                                        44,767.30
Sewer Sinking Fund                                                                        23,953.00
Rural Fire Protection Fund                                                           0.00
Rural Fire Protection Donation Fund                                        0.00
Swimming Pool Project Fund                                                      2000.00

TOTAL RECEIPTS               $213,929.66

Agriland FS                          Fuel                                                       278.03
Alliant Energy                    Electric                                                  1,834.30
Auxient                                                Insurance                                            37.50
Bunnell, Scott                    Mowing Cemetery                          4,750.00
City of Chariton                 Landfill Closing                                  170.00
City Of Corydon                                Water Bills                                           226.80
Dannco                                 Merritt Nameplate                          13.50
Eva Moore                          Mileage Reimburse                         28.18
Gambles                              Parts & Supplies                               86.98
GIS Benefits                       Life Insurance                                    5.40
IPERS                                     IPERS                                                     685.56
Mastercard                         Postage/Supplies                             304.62
Midwest Sanitation         Garbage                                               11,870.25
Norris, Verle W                 Legal Fees                                           3,686.90
Office Machines               Office Supplies                                  148.83
Office Machines               Annual Contract                               316.52
South Central Comm.     Phone & Internet                            264.28
Storey Kenworthy           AP/Payroll Checks                           271.08
Treasurer-State of Iowa                State Tax                                             102.00
Tri-County Fire                  Fire Ext/Service                                158.00
Verle Norris Trust            Settlement Agrmt.                          1,000.00
Wayne County News.    Publications                                        121.39
Wayne County Sheriff   28E Agreement                                 7,916.66
Wellmark                             Fry/Pershy Premiums                    1,327.46
Net Payroll                          Sept. 11                                                1,542.30
Federal Deposit                                Sept. 11                                                248.25
Net Payroll                          Sept. 25                                                1,922.91
Federal Deposit                                Sept. 25                                                268.65
TOTAL FUND:     $39,586.35

Wellmark                                                             Health Insurance                                       663.73
Federal Dep                                                       Sept. 11                                                         247.10
Federal Dep                                                       Sept. 25                                                         250.97                                          TOTAL FUND                                                                                $1,161.80

Wayne County Treasurer                             Local Option Sales Tax                         6,621.31
TOTAL FUND:                                        $6,621.31

AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                          .05
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                  337.36
Auxiant                                                                Insurance                                            37.55
Avesis                                                                   Vision                                                    5.63
Gambles                                                              Parts & Supplies                               74.99
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                    5.41
Holmes Tiling                                                     Water Leak Repair                           330.00
Ideal Ready Mix                                                                Mix/haul                                              687.50
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                         463.26
Keystone Laboratories, Inc                          Water/Wastewater Tests             267.00
Lockridge Lumber                                            Parts/Supplies                                   53.82
Post Office                                                          Water Bills Postage                         191.61
Rathbun Regional Water                               Water                                                   14,739.00
South Central Communications                 Phone                                                   62.12
South Central Iowa Med.                             Abel Physical                                      136.00
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State Taxes                                         133.07
USA Bluebook                                                   Parts & Supplies                               95.58
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                            1,360.24
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 11                                                746.40  
Federal Deposit                                                                Sept. 11                                                139.80
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 25                                                1671.29
Federal Deposit                                                                Sept. 25                                                329.60
TOTAL FUND                                      $21,867.28

WATER DEPOSIT FUND:                                TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00

GOLF SHED RENT FUND:                               TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00

AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                                     76.89
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                       4,675.60
Auxient                                                                Insurance                                                       37.44
B & D/Carquest                                                 Parts & supplies                                         279.95
City of Corydon                                                 Water Bills                                                      70.00
ESRI                                                                       Online mapping license                          500.00
Gambles                                                              Parts & Supplies                                             7.98
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                 5.40
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                                  391.47
Lockridge Lumber                                            Parts & Supplies                                        379.81
Productivity Plus Acct.                                   Leafblower parts                                         20.28
South Central Commun.                               Phone/Internet                                         152.53
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State W/H                                                      86.93
Tri-County Fire Equip.                                    Fire Ext./Service                                        112.00
USA Bluebook                                                   Oiler Parts                                                    240.94
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                                     662.67
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 11                                                         967.16
Federal Deposit                                                Sept. 11                                                         169.68
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 25                                                         915.80
Federal Deposit                                                Sept. 25                                                         157.36

TOTAL FUND                                                      $9,909.89

AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                                     76.98
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                       3,974.18
Auxiant                                                                Insurance                                                       37.51
Bunnell, Scott                                                    Mowing                                                        175.00
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                 5.39
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                                  483.15
Keystone Laboratories Inc                           Water/Wastewater Tests                      252.00
Lockridge Lumber                                            Supplies                                                          53.83
South Central Communications                 Phone                                                              82.40
Southern Iowa Plumbing                              Sewer Repair                                              165.00
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State Tax                                                      115.00
Treasurer State of Iowa                                Aug. Sales Tax                                            693.00
USA Bluebook                                                   Sewer gloves                                                54.12
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                                     663.86
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 11                                                     1,238.97
Federal Deposit                                                Sept. 11                                                         341.69
Net Payroll                                                          Sept. 25                                                     1,091.83
Federal Deposit                                                Sept. 25                                                         286.66

TOTAL FUND                                         $9,790.57

B & D/Carquest                                                 Parts & Supplies                                           93.54
Cut It Out Metal Designs                               Wallace Sign                                                120.00
MFA Inc.                                                              Fire Dept. Fuel                                           107.13
MFA Oil Co.                                                        Fuel                                                                146.68

TOTAL FUND                                             $467.35

                                                                                TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00



TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00


                                                                                TOTAL DISBURSED                            $89,404.55


Dennis Moorman




Eva Moore

City Clerk


About Corydon

Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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