2.20.19 Council Meeting Minutes

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FEBRUARY 20, 2019

The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman. Present were Council Members Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe, Rodgers and Guest Council Member Casey Coates. Others in attendance were Larry Wilkinson, Brandon Trower, the City clerk and newspaper representatives.

Larry Wilkinson was present to express his concerns regarding the new transmission lines that are scheduled to be installed on English Street. ITC is in the process of constructing a new sub station on 128th Street north of Newton Road. The current sub station on English Street will then be removed. In 1997 a special election vote granted IES and all their successors and assigns, the right and franchise to acquire, construct, erect, maintain and operate in the City of Corydon … also the right to erect and maintain upon the streets, avenues, alleys and public places, transmission lines through the City for a period of 25 years… also granting to said Company the right of eminent domain. Wilkinson suggested that taller poles down English Street would help and asked that the Council/Mayor take his concerns to ITC.

The Mayor asked for good cause business:

1.) Rodgers reported that she has been asked if the water tower is scheduled painting soon. The clerk will have information at the next Council meeting.
2.) Rodgers advised that she would be attending the Smart conference on May 9th as a representative for the Corydon/Allerton Chamber of Commerce.
3.) Moorman stressed that the Council needs to find someone certified for water & sewer before April 1st and that this would need to be discussed at the next work session.
4.) Moorman advised that he had contacted Norris Asphalt in regards to using white top for street improvements. Norris stated that they have never known white top to be used in an urban area. The extra thickness of the white top would cover the gutters and storm sewers, and the approaches to a street covered with white top would need to be built up.
5.) Trower asked why the improvements to S. West Street were only going to be made to the center drive of the cemetery, and suggested that the City take the overlay to County Park Road.
6.) Holmes asked about the progress on the parking ordinance. An e-mail to legal counsel was sent today asking for an update.
7.) Rodgers asked if the ad for the sale of the library building had been published yet. The final ad and bid specs will be discussed at the next work session.

Bennett made the motion to approve the January financial report for the LeCompte Memorial Library as presented. Rodgers seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Jaeckel made the motion to approve the permit application from C & E Trucking for the placement of roll-offs in the City of Corydon. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Rupe suggested a candidate for the guest council member for March. He will make the contact and advise the Council at the work session next Wednesday.

Jaeckel made the motion to approve the minutes of previous meeting and the clerk’s report. Bennett seconded. Ayes-Jaeckel, Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

The clerk presented a thank you note from Guest Council Member Mike Moran.

Laredo Davis has accepted the offer of employment that was made to him in November. He will start on Monday, February 25th at the starting wage of $13.00 an hour.

The clerk reviewed the documents in the Council packet regarding the upcoming election, and a bill regarding Smart Meters that is being considered at the State level.

The cancelled work session of February 13th was rescheduled for February 27th at 6:00 p.m.

The next regular council meeting will be Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Dennis Moorman


Ann Stevens
City Clerk

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