4.6.20 – Council Meeting Minutes

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Monday, April 6, 2020

The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman. Present were council members Rodgers, Rupe, Holmes, Christian and Bennett. Others in attendance were City Clerk Eva Moore, Jen Reed from the Times-Republican, and City Crew Lead Brandon Trower.

Nathan Bennett issued the oath of office to Eva Moore as City Clerk.

Bennett made the motion to approve Resolution 2020-16 removing Ann Stevens from all remaining bank accounts-Farmer’s Bank, Great Western Bank, and IPAIT, and adding Eva Moore to those accounts in her place. Rodgers seconded. Ayes- Rodgers, Rupe, Holmes, Christian and Bennett. Nays-none.

Council further discussed updating the fireworks ordinance to allow sales; however the Zoning Commission must first update the list of allowed businesses in town, as well as update the current zoning ordinance. Moore will ask City Attorney Norris to review Transient Merchant ordinance and will also reach out to Zoning Commission for assistance. The council would like to encourage new business, however, due to the current pandemic, a fireworks business may be shut down as it is not an essential business. Rodgers motioned to proceed. Rupe seconded. Ayes- Rodgers, Rupe, Holmes, Christian and Bennett. Nays-none.

Mayor asked for good cause business.

Moorman updated council on the Governor’s latest proclamation on April 6, 2020, stating libraries are now being closed across the state. Council will need to discuss situation with Library Board. Council would like to encourage library staff to work from home as much as possible.

Moorman updated council also on the Governor’s latest proclamation stating playgrounds are also to be closed. Trower was asked to place barricades in front of the playground at Walden park, as well as in front of the Walden Building. Moore stated that all reservations at the building for April have now been cancelled.

Rodgers suggested that the City create a Facebook page to keep the public informed and updated during this time, but also going forward. Moore will check with League of Cities on requirements before implementing the page. Page will be for information only to the public and will not allow comments to be posted.

Rupe was approached by a citizen inquiring about building a fourplex in the city limits. Mayor will talk to the citizen and then report back to the council. A special council meeting may be needed before proceeding.

Rodgers inquired about how much it would cost the city to do recycling weekly instead of bi-weekly. Moore will have to check with Midwest Sanitation. Rodgers also expressed interest in having a yard waste cart, but was not sure how many residents would be interested in either option.

Moore announced that Spring Clean-Up Day is set for April 23. Times-Republican will post an announcement on their website which will also state what is and is not allowed.

Rupe mentioned a concern with lights being left on in a condemned nuisance property. Trower explained that the City did not yet have possession; therefore, we had no control over who was leaving the lights on.

Moorman asked the council about how the pandemic may affect the pool season. Trower reported that new valves are needed at an estimated $10,000. Council discussed that no parts will be ordered at this time, until more is known about the duration of the pandemic. Trower will also be checking into more valve quotes in the meantime.

Rodgers inquired about the dirt work at the Elk pen. Trower plans to do extensive dirt work as well as check into quotes about matting to hold seeding in place.

Moorman mentioned that permit stickers for ATV, snowmobiles and golf carts needed to be ordered. The permits will expire December 31, 2020. There will be no charge to residents this year; however, there may be a $1 charge in 2021 to cover the cost of the stickers.

Mayor mentioned that the council needs to review and update some City ordinances. Council will further discuss at a later time.

Holmes talked to a member of the Wayne Community Foundation and notified Clerk that a payment was on the way for reimbursement of the Street Condition Survey.

Bennett would like to get more quotes on replacing city computers. Our intention was to buy locally, but we may need to find more cost effective quotes that fit better into the budget at this time.

Moore reported that the new manager of Dollar General has received approval from their corporate office to pave the entire alley behind their store as well as the other stores attached to their building. Council advised that Moore will need to check with Alliant and GRM before approval could be given to Dollar General. In the past, the underground gas lines were a concern. Clerk will research and bring update to next council meeting on April 22.

Rodgers made the motion to approve the unpaid and prepaid bills. Christian-seconded. Ayes- Rodgers, Rupe, Holmes, Christian and Bennett. Nays-none.

Holmes made the motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting. Rupe seconded. Ayes- Rodgers, Rupe, Holmes, Christian and Bennett. Nays-none.

Trower reported that he had received credit from the return of the four inch pipe. Trower also expressed concern that the tie ins and cap offs were taking more time to complete, and that the paving on South Street may have to be postponed as he was not sure the crew would be able to complete their work before Norris Asphalt was ready to pave. Trower will contact Norris Asphalt as well as Hall Engineering to further discuss.

Moorman updated council that he has been checking on prices for used oilers and that one of his contacts may have some good used ones that we may be interested in. Mayor is waiting on prices before a decision can be made.

The next regular council meeting will be Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

General Fund receipts 32,235.69
Golf Shed Rent Fund receipts 375.00
Road Use Tax Fund receipts 8,034.39
Employee Benefits Fund receipts 1,299.88
Emergency Fund receipts 238.11
Local Option Sales Tax Fund receipts 8,209.59
Debt Service Fund receipts 6,071.55
Capital Project Fund-Streets receipts 431.16
Water Operating Fund receipts 38,508.78
Water Debt Service Fund receipts 6,307.00
Water Deposit Fund receipts 1,250.00
Sewer Fund receipts 25,943.14
Sewer Sinking Fund receipts 23,953.00
Rural Fire Protection Fund receipts 2,055.75
Rural Fire Protection Donation Fund receipts 15,563.00
Swimming Pool Project Fund receipts 2,000.00
ACCO Pool De-winterization 440.50
Alliant Energy Electricity 1,329.20
City of Chariton Landfill Closing Fees 170.00
Clayton Plumbing & Heating Furnace Filter 8.66
Cook Insurance Insurance Renewals 27,339.00
Corydon Lions Club Lions Club Fireworks 500.00
DANNCO Moore Nameplate 13.50
Dollar General Office Supplies 24.14
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Iowa Department of Public Health Pool Renewal Registration 70.00
LeCompte Memorial Library Half Library Allocation 7,500.00
Midwest Sanitation & Recycling Garbage & Recycling 11,726.08
MSA Professional Services Conditional Survey(Last Pymt) 5,950.00
Norris, Verle W. Legal Fees 2,060.00
Office Machines Company Supplies 193.66
South Central Communications Telephone 285.87
South Central Iowa Medical Center Moore Physical 136.00
Storey Kenworthy Receipt Books 351.63
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 66.00
Wayco Arts Council Summer Concerts 2,500.00
Wayne Co. Extension Grant Writing Class 35.00
Wayne County Newspapers Publications 613.19
Wayne County Sheriff Law Enforcement 7,916.66
Wellmark Insurance 663.73
Wellmark Pershy & Fry Premiums 26.31
Net Payroll March 13 1,242.58
Federal Deposit March 13 188.16
Net Payroll March 26 1,421.78
Federal Deposit March 26 196.06
TOTAL FUND $73,182.15
AFLAC Optional Insurance 57.86
Allliant Energy Electricity 2,683.92
Avesis Optional Vision Insurance 10.64
B&D Parts and Supplies 176.03
Bruening Rock Products Inc. Rock 3,721.18
Cook Insurance Insurance Renewals 8,535.00
Gambles Parts and supplies 6.97
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Hy-Vee Accounts Receivable Supplies 29.77
Lockridge Lumber Parts and Supplies 44.00
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 84.00
Tri County Fire Equipment Re-charge Fire Ext. 47.50
Wellmark Insurance 663.73
Net Payroll March 13 915.14
Federal Deposit March 13 213.66
Net Payroll March 26 886.18
Federal Deposit March 26 205.83
TOTAL FUND $18,446.11
Auxiant Insurance 75.00
Wellmark Pershy & Fry Premiums 1359.31
Federal Deposit March 13 216.41
Federal Deposit March 26 207.73
TOTAL FUND $2,411.27
Wayne Co. Treasurer L.O.S.T. 8,209.60
TOTAL FUND $8,209.60
AFLAC Optional Insurance 76.96
Alliant Energy Electricity 340.59
Auxiant Insurance 37.50
Berndt Construction Water Repair 1,127.50
Cook Insurance Insurance Renewals 6800.00
Davis, Laredo Reimburse for Supplies 8.29
Ferguson Waterworks #2516 Meter Parts 36.37
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Keystone Labs Testing 38.00
Municipal Supply Parts 396.75
Post Office Postage-Water Bills 208.67
Rathbun Regional Water Consumer Confidence Report 100.00
Rathbun Regional Water Water 11,944.47
South Central Communications Telephone 61.28
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 103.00
Wellmark Insurance 663.73
Net Payroll March 13 1,141.48
Federal Deposit March 13 304.62
Net Payroll March 26 1013.73
Federal Deposit March 26 260.39
TOTAL FUND $25,119.64
AFLAC Optional Insurance 172.14
Alliant Energy Electricity 2,252.56
Auxiant Insurance 37.50
Avesis Optional Vision Insurance 10.64
Bartlett, Tonya Water Bill Refund 6.22
Cook Insurance Insurance Renewals 5,419.00
Davis, Laredo Reimburse for Supplies 4.87
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Keystone Labs Testing 252.00
South Centeral Communications Telephone 81.08
Southern Iowa Plumbing Sewer Jetting 190.00
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 157.00
Treasurer State of Iowa February Sales Tax 898.00
Trower, Brandon Safety Clothing 107.50
Wellmark Insurance 663.73
Net Payroll March 13 1,728.15
Federal Deposit March 13 527.09
Net Payroll March 26 1,757.72
Federal Deposit March 26 534.77
TOTAL FUND $15,565.45
B&D Parts and Supplies 307.17
Baker, Blayde Sprayer Tank Reimbursement 385.18
Cobb, Josh Reimburse for Totes 17.93
Fire Service Training Bureau Fire School and Books 759.00
Gambles Parts and Supplies 34.47
Gambles Parts and Supplies 31.14
Lockridge Lumber Parts and Supplies 112.63
MFA Oil Company Fuel 521.28
Southern Iowa Oil Fuel 75.25
TOTAL FUND $2,244.05
Cobb, Josh Reimburse for Totes 22.69
Wayne Co. Hospital Supplies for Fireman Supper 33.57

Dennis Moorman

Eva Moore
City Clerk

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Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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