8.05.19 – Council Meeting Minutes

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AUGUST 5, 2019

The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman. Present were Council Members Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Council Member Jaeckel was absent. Others in attendance were Nancy Buss from Hall Engineering, Guest Council Member John Rider, Brandon Trower, Clerk trainee Cheryl Mastin, newspaper representatives and the City clerk.

Mayor Moorman introduced Clerk trainee Cheryl Mastin.

Guest Council Member John Rider was introduced to the Council.

Mayor Moorman called to order the Public Hearing regarding the plans, specifications, form of contract and estimated costs for the Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation 2019 Project. The clerk reported that City hall received neither oral nor written comments prior to the meeting. Holmes made the motion to close the public hearing. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Nancy Buss, Hall Engineering reported on the bids received for the Sewer Rehab Project and advised the Council to approve the low bid from Municipal Pipe Tool Co, LLC.

Holmes made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-30, a Resolution approving the low bid of $31,267.50 from Municipal Pipe Tool Co., LLC. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-31, a Resolution approving the agreement with Faller, Kincheloe & Co., PLC to perform the audit for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Bennett seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Holmes made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-32, a Resolution clarifying the pay scale for the City crew employees for the first three years of employment. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Bennett made the motion to approve Resolution 2019-33, a Resolution authorizing the transfer of the 2015 police vehicle to the fire department. Rodgers seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Holmes made the motion to table the request to remove two signs on the east side of the Jensen Tax building on N. Franklin Street pending discussion with business owners. Rodgers seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

The Council decided not to take action on the request from a resident to ban fireworks within the City at this time and to allow the usage dates as designation by the State of Iowa.

Bennett made the motion to decline membership to Chariton Valley Planning & Development Council for fiscal year 2020. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve the renewal of liquor license for The Alley Cat. Rupe seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

Moorman presented information on an oiler distributor for the street department and costs. The Council discussed the possibility of working with other communities share costs of equipment and labor.

Moorman reported that there is a State grant available for street signage. He will be gathering a list of signs needed throughout town.

Moorman reported that he and the clerk are putting together a new plan for safety meetings.

The Council discussed possible funding and grants to help with the Elk pen and a proposed gazebo/picnic area.

Rupe made the motion to approve the July 31st minutes and the treasurer’s report as presented. Holmes seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Rupe and Rodgers. Nays-none.

The minutes of the July 24th meeting were tabled until the August 21st meeting as there was not a quorum of Council members from that meeting present.

Bennett made the motion to allow the unpaid and prepaid bills. Rodgers seconded. Ayes-Bennett, Holmes, Bennett and Rodgers.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, August 21st, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

General Fund receipts 70,129.58
Golf Shed Rent Fund receipts 150.00
Learn to Swim Fund receipts 2,700.00
Road Use Tax Fund receipts 16,361.54
Employee Benefits Fund receipts 3,081.40
Emergency Fund receipts 294.69
Local Option Sales Tax Fund receipts 11,453.64
Debt Service Fund receipts 4,392.36
Capital Project Fund-Streets receipts 1,690.23
Water Operating Fund receipts 41,271.32
Water Debt Service Fund receipts 6,307.00
Water Deposit Fund receipts 600.00
Sewer Fund receipts 27,022.25
Sewer Sinking Fund receipts 23,953.00
Rural Fire Protection Fund receipts 2,644.56
Rural Fire Protection Donation Fund receipts 600.00
Swimming Pool Project Fund receipts 2,000.00
Acco Unlimited Corp Chemicals 23.15
Agriland FS Fuel 1,040.94
Alliant Energy Electric 3,501.14
Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Concessions 4.90
Avesis Optional Vision Ins. 18.62
Bunnell, Scott Mowing 1,900.00
Chariton Regional Housing Trust Annual Allocation 1,000.00
City of Chariton Landfill Closing Fees 170.00
City of Corydon Water Bills 1,154.00
Ellis & Associates Inc. Audit 1,555.00
Gambles Supplies 37.33
Hy-Vee Concessions 121.83
Keystone Laboratories TTHM/HA Tests 20.00
Kohl Wholesale Concessions 822.80
LW Electric Service Light Installation 125.00
MD Solutions International Support Renewal 184.80
MasterCard Supplies 7.96
Mid-American Research Chemical Ice Melt 65.68
Midwest Sanitation & Rec. Garbage & Recycling 11,901.80
Municipal Code Corporation Supplement Pages – Ord Books 762.10
Norris, Verle W. Legal Services 1,520.00
Office Machines Co. Supplies 527.91
Old Settlers Committee Annual Allocation 500.00
Petty Cash Replenish Petty Cash 44.06
Reed, Robert Stone Repair 700.00
Roe, Jocelyn Reimbursed Concessions 432.36
South Central Communications Telephone 324.92
Story Kenworthy Checks 264.27
Thomas, Mike Annual Lease Payment 9,128.00
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 185.00
United States Treasury PCORI Fees 33.88
Vetter Equipment Mower Less Trade In 5,000.00
Wayne Co. Independent Publications 144.00
Wayne Co. Newspapers Publications 288.80
Wayne Co. Sheriff Law Enforcement 7,916.66
Wayne Co. Environmental Health Pool & Slide Inspection 418.00
Net Payroll July 5 6,483.73
Federal Deposit July 5 762.03
Net Payroll July 19 6,608.13
Federal Deposit July 19 804.37
TOTAL FUND: 66,770.87
MFA Inc. Supplies 43.49
AFLAC Optional Insurance 76.96
Agriland FS Inc. Fuel 1,263.03
Allerton Lumber Parts 25.20
Alliant Energy Electric 2,311.16
Avesis Optional Vision Ins. 10.64
B and D Corydon Parts and Supplies 402.23
Bruening Rock Products Road Rock 4,570.50
City of Corydon Water Bills 70.00
Lockridge Lumber Tools 169.44
MFA Inc. Supplies 136.77
Mid-American Research Chemical Ice Melt 321.12
Productivity Plus Parts 129.40
RJ’s Automotive LLC Parts 151.54
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 92.00
Net Payroll July 5 1,121.02
Federal Deposit July 5 165.92
Net Payroll July 19 1,386.47
Federal Deposit July 19 216.36
TOTAL FUND: 12,780.11
Alexander, Destiny Learn to Swim Wages 70.42
Arnold, Hagan Learn to Swim Wages 203.51
Bailey, Maddy Learn to Swim Wages 213.67
Birkland, Emily Learn to Swim Wages 276.41
Brown, Natalia Learn to Swim Wages 282.70
Christian, Hannah Learn to Swim Wages 207.26
Clark, Brynn Learn to Swim Wages 156.71
Davis, Lanee Learn to Swim Wages 161.79
Davis, Molly-Ray Learn to Swim Wages 163.32
Davis, Taylor Learn to Swim Wages 260.28
Fortune, Allie Jo Learn to Swim Wages 82.80
Foster, Dallas Learn to Swim Wages 280.79
Henely, Shanee Learn to Swim Wages 156.01
Hoelting, Abi Learn to Swim Wages 279.97
Ingram, Hallie Learn to Swim Wages 181.67
Kiefer, Montana Learn to Swim Wages 162.11
Knust, Karlee Learn to Swim Wages 233.04
Knutson, Cortney Learn to Swim Wages 177.99
Knutson, Morgan Learn to Swim Wages 202.75
McCaslen, Tara Learn to Swim Wages 191.64
Miller, Cadi Learn to Swim Wages 259.52
Newton, Tana Learn to Swim Wages 240.28
Nickell, Karryn Learn to Swim Wages 186.56
Nickell, Kenna Learn to Swim Wages 147.63
Nickell, Liz Learn to Swim Wages 244.15
Perkins, Rayni Learn to Swim Wages 266.31
Pollock, Max Learn to Swim Wages 283.21
Pruiett, Ella Learn to Swim Wages 240.41
Ramirez, Gabi Learn to Swim Wages 241.61
Rew, Jasmine Learn to Swim Wages 210.50
Runyon, Bailey Learn to Swim Wages 282.13
Runyon, Payton Learn to Swim Wages 268.28
Shuff, Espi Learn to Swim Wages 210.05
Skinner, Shelby Learn to Swim Wages 251.65
Southern, Joselynn Learn to Swim Wages 72.07
Southern, Justice Learn to Swim Wages 287.65
Swan, Gage Learn to Swim Wages 243.26
Taylor, Hunter Learn to Swim Wages 190.37
Wallace, Kiara Learn to Swim Wages 179.07
Wik, Allison Learn to Swim Wages 247.07
TOTAL FUND: 8,496.62
Auxiant Insurance 75.00
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 10.80
IMWCA Work Comp Premium 10,881.00
Wellmark Insurance 1,237.04
Wellmark Pershy & Fry Premiums 1,885.25
Federal Deposit July 5 678.34
Federal Deposit July 19 718.48
TOTAL FUND: 16,128.32
Wayne County Treasurer ½ L.O.S.T. 5,726.82
TOTAL FUND: 5,726.82
AFLAC Optional Insurance 153.04
Agriland FS Inc. Fuel 268.22
Alliant Energy Electric 154.57
Auxiant Insurance 37.50
Avesis Optional Vision Insurance 10.64
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Holmes Tiling Inc. Water Leak Repair 1,162.50
Ideal Ready Mix Co. Concrete – Water Leak Repair 809.38
Iowa One Call Locates 33.30
Keystone Laboratories Inc. TTHM/HA Tests 368.00
Municipal Supply Inc. Parts 662.00
Post Office Postage-Water Bills 209.09
South Central Communications Telephone 61.87
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 179.00
Treasurer State of Iowa Sales Tax 2.00
Treasurer State of Iowa Quarterly Water Excise Tax 5,265.00
USA Bluebook Parts 1,837.78
Wellmark Insurance 618.52
Net Payroll July 5 1,888.27
Federal Deposit July 5 648.08
Net Payroll July 19 1,749.14
Federal Deposit July 19 595.53
TOTAL FUND: 17,530.64
Krutsinger, Rider Deposit Refund 3.40
AFLAC Optional Insurance 76.96
Agriland FS Inc. Fuel 268.23
Alliant Energy Electric 2,579.14
Auxiant Insurance 37.50
Bunnell, Scott Mowing 70.00
GIS Benefits Life Insurance 5.40
Gambles Supplies 23.98
Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources NPDES Annual Fee 210.00
Keystone Laboratories Inc. TTHM/HA Tests 252.00
Lockridge Lumber Tools 39.29
South Central Communications Telephone 82.00
Treasurer State of Iowa State W H 110.00
Treasurer State of Iowa Sales Tax 692.00
Trower, Brandon Reimbursed – Boots 192.50
Uline Clothing 26.67
Wellmark Insurance 618.52
Net Payroll July 5 1,086.97
Federal Deposit July 5 287.54
Net Payroll July 19 1,084.33
Federal Deposit July 19 286.70
TOTAL FUND: 8,485.65
B and D Corydon Parts and Supplies 12.89
Danko Emergency Equipment Pump Testing 787.50
MFA Oil Company Fuel 140.32
Trzpuc, Troy Parts and Repairs 85 Pumper 179.35
TOTAL FUND: 1,120.06
Pershy, Truett Equipment 225.00
Westyn Fisher Benefit Auction-Donation 1,000.00
Wide Open BBQ Benefit 350.00
TOTAL FUND: 1,575.00

Dennis Moorman


Ann Stevens
City Clerk

About Corydon

Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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