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Wednesday, September 9, 2020


The regular meeting of the Corydon City Council was called to order by Mayor Dennis Moorman.  Present were council members Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Rupe was absent.  Others in attendance were City Clerk Eva Moore, Jen Reed from the Times-Republican and resident Chase Clark.

Mayor Moorman called the Public Hearing to order regarding the sale of real property at 215 N. West St.  City Hall had not received any oral or written comments.  Rodgers made the motion to come out of the public hearing.  Holmes seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Chase Clark was present to state his concerns regarding rodent infestation of the property at 215 N. West St. and where those rodents will retreat to once someone purchases and demos the property.  Rodgers stated that the City would contact an exterminator in the meantime.  One bid had been received by Jared Chambers for $3500 but did not included demo required by the council.

Mayor Moorman called the regular council meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

Bennett made the motion to refuse the bid received for sale of property at 215 N. West St.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Nancy Buss of Hall Engineering was not present on the conference call as planned.

Holmes made the motion to approve payment #4 to Norris Asphalt for $114,128.33 for the Street Improvements Project 2019 project, pending budget amendment and public hearing.  Bennett seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Holmes made the motion to approve Change Order #4 for $1,500.00 for the Street Improvements 2019 Project.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Bennett made the motion to approve submittal of an updated Planning and Design loan application authorizing the Mayor to sign, regarding the Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Project scheduled to start approximately October 2021.  Holmes seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Christian made the motion to approve the updated financial figures from LeCompte Library.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Holmes made the motion to approve the Settlement Agreement and Full Release of All Claims and payment of $1,000 to William Pardock.  Bennett seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve the 2021 pledge request of $1,000 to Chariton Valley Regional Housing Trust Fund.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Bennett made the motion to approve applicant #4 for the open position on the City Crew.  Holmes seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve Covid 19 closure of City Hall and the Walden Park Building until October 7.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion for the clerk to send a nuisance letter to the owner of 206 N. West St.  Bennett seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report for August 2020.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Holmes made the motion to approve the unpaid and prepaid bills.  Rodgers seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Rodgers made the motion to change the brush dump open hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. business hours only unless it is abused.  Christian seconded.  Ayes: Bennett, Christian, Rodgers and Holmes. Nays:  none.

Mayor asked for good cause business.  Christian mentioned that Begger’s Night was coming up and asked for council to think about what would be done in light of Covid 19.  The hospital had expressed their thanks via Christian to the council regarding the street pavement on E. Monroe St.  The hospital would like permission to handle their own dust control on E. South St.   Holmes recommended that the City crew fill the pot holes first. Christian also stated that council should take time to visit with the new fire chief and review spending processes.  The Mayor asked the clerk to invite the Sheriff’s office and/or deputies to future meetings. Mayor also mentioned that the crew has been working on fixing up the oiler to prepare for street maintenance.

City Clerk provided council with an update regarding the option to participate in the Trump Employee Social Security Tax Deferral and employees were not interested in doing so.  Clerk provided an update of discussion with Hall Engineering regarding the upcoming Wastewater Treatment Facility/SAGR system with more financials to be discussed.

The next regular meeting will be Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.

General Fund                                                                                    23,098.46
Road Use Tax Fund                                                                         16,771.84
Employee Benefits Fund                                                              0.00
Emergency Fund                                                                              0.00
Golf Shed Rent                                                                                 525.00
Local Option Sales Tax Fund                                                        13,242.62
Debt Service Fund                                                                           0.00
Capital Project Fund-Streets                                                       3.35
Water Operating Fund                                                                   207,936.79
Water Debt Service Fund                                                             6,307.00
Water Deposit Fund                                                                       250.00
Sewer Fund                                                                                        -110,335.16
Sewer Sinking Fund                                                                        23,953.00
Rural Fire Protection Fund                                                           5,927.86
Rural Fire Protection Donation Fund                                        0.00
Swimming Pool Project Fund                                                      2000.00

TOTAL RECEIPTS               $189,680.76


Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                           740.37
Agriland FS                                                          Fuel                                                                309.22
Auxient                                                                Insurance                                                       37.50
Chariton Valley Reg. Housing                      20/21 Annual Premium                       1,000.00
City of Chariton                                                 Landfill Closing                                           170.00
City Of Corydon                                                Water Bills                                                    606.90
Don Seams                                                         Plexiglass Counter                                      99.60
Gambles                                                              Round Up Spray                                        155.48
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                 5.40
Gworks                                                                2nd Half Software                                   2,800.00
IPERS                                                                     IPERS                                                              788.66
Johnson, Bob                                                     Ceiling Repair/City Hall                            161.29
Mastercard                                                         Stamps/Supplies                                       252.08
Midwest Sanitation                                         Garbage                                                  11,922.44
Office Machines Co.                                       Ink Cartridge/Printer                               111.00
Seymour Herald                                               Envelopes                                                    268.80
South Central Comm.                                     Phone                                                            492.22
South Central Iowa Med Clinic                   Merritt Physical                                         136.00
Tonya Bartlett                                                   Walden Refund                                         100.00
Treasurer, State of Iowa                               State Taxes                                                  146.00
Wayne County Newspapers                       Publications                                                 344.07
Wayne County Sheriff                                   28E Agreement                                      7,916.66
Wellmark                                                             Wellmark Health                                    1,327.46
Net Payroll                                                          August 14                                                 1,587.05
Federal Deposit                                                August 14                                                     256.43
Net Payroll                                                          August 28                                                 1,589.72
Federal Deposit                                                August 28                                                     256.83
TOTAL FUND                                       $33,581.18                          $

GOLF SHED RENT FUND:                               TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00

AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                                       3.75
Agriland FS                                                          Fuel                                                                893.32
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                       2,349.87
Avesis                                                                   Optional Vision                                                 .52
Auxient                                                                Insurance                                                          3.65
B & D/Carquest                                                 Parts & supplies                                         585.29
BlackStrap Inc.                                                   Rock Salt                                                   2,017.52
Brown Supply                                                    School Paint/Crosswalk                          755.10
Bruening Rock Products                                Rock                                                            6,535.58
City of Corydon                                                 Water Bills                                                    140.00
Ewing Enterprises                                            Dust Control                                                545.00
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                    .52
Ideal Ready Mix                                                Mix/Haul                                                      707.00
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                                    91.33
Jacob Clark                                                          Paint Strainer Supplies                                9.56
Lockridge Inc.                                                    Parts & Supplies                                        113.73
RJ’s Automotive                                               Tire Repair                                                      65.00
Star Equipment                                                 Concrete Saw                                             341.66
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State W/H                                                      11.47
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                                       64.52
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 14                                                           952.09
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 14                                                           166.16
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 28                                                           983.03
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 28                                                           173.22

TOTAL FUND:                                     $17,508.89

Wellmark                                                             Pershy/Fry Prem.                                     663.73
Federal Dep                                                       Aug 14                                                           250.20
Federal Dep                                                       Aug 28                                                           253.25

TOTAL FUND                                         $1,167.18

Wayne County Treasurer                             July 2020                                                   4,821.86
TOTAL FUND:                                        $4,821.86


AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                                     61.70
Agriland FS                                                          Fuel                                                                   91.48
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                           158.78
Auxiant                                                                Insurance                                                       32.76
C & C Cycle                                                          Kawasaki Mule                                       6,899.50
Ferguson Waterworks                                   Annual Software/Antenna                2,092.78
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                 4.72
Ideal Ready Mix                                                Mix/Haul                                                   1,375.00
Iowa DNR                                                            Water Supply PWS Fee                           183.30
Iowa One Call                                                    Locates                                                            61.20
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                                  546.12
Keystone Laboratories, Inc                          Water/Wastewater Tests                        38.00
Lockridge Inc.                                                    Parts and Supplies                                      69.90
Morris Enterprises                                           Payment 4/final Water Proj.          12,426.25
Post Office                                                          Water Bills Postage                                  196.25
Rathbun Regional Water                               Water                                                      15,150.00
South Central Communications                 Phone                                                              62.12
Southern Iowa Plumbing                              Repairs                                                            90.00
Star Equipment                                                 Concrete Saw                                             341.67
Storey Kenworthy                                           Pink Slips/Disconnects                              97.93
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State Taxes                                                  141.23
Trower, Brandon                                              Mule Mirror                                                   11.05
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                                     579.90
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 14                                                        1,364.31         
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 14                                                           294.32
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 28                                                           854.33
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 28                                                           164.22

TOTAL FUND                      $43,388.82



TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00

AFLAC                                                                   Optional Insurance                                     88.47
Agriland FS                                                          Fuel                                                                   91.48
Alliant Energy                                                    Electric                                                       2,131.71
Auxiant                                                                Insurance                                                       38.59
Avesis                                                                   Optional Vision Insurance                        10.12
B & D/Carquest                                                 Parts & Supplies                                             3.75
C & C Cycle                                                          Kawasaki Mule                                       6,899.50
Clark Sewer, Rooter                                        Annual Jetting                                            625.00
Coddington                                                        Sewer Repair                                        55,432.12
GIS Benefits                                                       Life Insurance                                                 5.56
Iowa DNR                                                            NPDES Annual Fee                                   210.00
IPERS                                                                     Retirement                                                  477.60
Keystone Laboratories Inc                           Water/Wastewater Tests                      308.00
South Central Communications                 Phone                                                              82.40
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State Tax                                                      126.57
Star Equipment                                                 Concrete Saw                                             341.67
Treasurer State of Iowa                                July Sales Tax                                              713.00
Treasurer State of Iowa                                State Taxes                                                  107.30
Trower, Brandon                                              Mule Mirror                                                   11.05
USA Bluebook                                                   Supplies                                                          89.03
Wellmark                                                             Insurance                                                     683.04
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 14                                                         1082.35
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 14                                                           284.06
Net Payroll                                                          Aug 28                                                         1201.87
Federal Deposit                                                Aug 28                                                           327.34

TOTAL FUND                                       $71,371.58


Alley Diesel Performance                             Repairs                                                      3,800.00
B & D/Carquest                                                 Parts & Supplies                                           35.04
Bi-State Electronics                                         Batteries/Pager Repair                           429.00
Cobb, Josh                                                          Meat Supplies                                            295.63
Corydon State Bank                                        Beef Up Iowa Steer                                 812.50
MFA Oil Co.                                                        Fuel                                                                   75.85

TOTAL FUND                                         $5,448.02

Hall Engineering                                                Street Imp. Proj. 2019 fees               5,284.89
Speer Financial                                                  GO Bond Services                                     300.00

TOTAL FUND                                         $5,584.89



TOTAL FUND                                                 $0.00


                                                                                TOTAL DISBURSED                         $182,872.42


Dennis Moorman




Eva Moore

City Clerk

About Corydon

Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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