January 12, 2022 City Council Agenda

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Wednesday, January 12, 2021 5:30 P.M.


  1. Call to Order/Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Give Audience to Steven McElmeel, Iowa Department of Transportation
  4. Consideration/Approval of Fire Department Light Bar in the Amount of $1500.00
  5. Consideration/Approval of Plastic Sheeting for Snow Truck Beds in the Amount of $665
  6. Consideration/Approval of City Crew Uniforms
  7. Consideration/Approval of Resolution 2022-001 Transferring Funds from Rural Fire Protection to General Fund for Fire Chief Annual Wage of $500
  8. Consideration/Approval of Resolution  2022-002 Setting Time and Place for A Public Hearing Considering the Maximum Tax Dollars From Certain Levies for the City’s Proposed Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Budget
  9. Consideration/Approval of Resolution 2022-003Setting Council and City Employee Assignments
  10. Consideration/Approval of Alcohol Permit Renewal for The Alley Cat
  11. Consideration/Approval of Administrative Clerk and Deputy Clerk Training for Winter MPI Institute in the Amount of $416
  12. Consideration/Approval of Fuel Bids for 2022
  13. Approve Minutes of December 08, 2021 Regular Meeting and the January 05, 2022 Special Meeting
  14. Approval of Unpaid and Prepaid Bills
  15. Discussion of City Hall Procedures and Progress
    1. Clerk’s Report
  16. Committee Reports
  17. Discussion Good Cause Business
  18. Third Reading of Ordinance 344 Regarding Plats and Surveys within the City of Corydon, Iowa
  19. Third Reading of Ordinance 345 Establishing a Property Maintenance Code in the City of Corydon, Iowa
  20. First Reading of Ordinance 346 Amending Chapters 10.42 and 10.46 of Corydon Municipal Code to Establish an Annual Permit Fee for All Terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles, and Golf Carts in the City of Corydon, Iowa
  21. Next regular meeting January 26, 2021 @ 5:30 p.m.

About Corydon

Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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