May 12, 2021 City Council Meeting Minutes

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Wednesday, April 07, 2021 5:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm. Present: Mayor Bennett; Council persons Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe.

2. Open Forum
Randy Sharp was present to discuss an issue with cars speeding in town. He expressed concerns about the City not having its own police force. Holmes explained that it is very difficult to find the funds to hire a city police officer and hire them at a competitive wage.
Rodgers suggested the Council review the current 28E agreement. Rodgers also recommended amending the City Council assignments to add “Law Enforcement” to the Fire Department Committee.

3. Approve Minutes of March 31, 2021 Special Meeting
Motion to approve the minutes of March 31, 2021 Special meeting made by Christian
Seconded by Rodgers. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

4. Approval of Unpaid and Prepaid Bills
No bills to approve except for the following:
a.) Consideration/Approval of Taxes Due on Property at 212 W. Jackson
Motion to approval the payment of property taxes due at 212 W. Jackson made by Christian. Seconded by Holmes. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

5. Discussion of City Hall Procedures and Progress
Gibbs provided an update to Council on the following:
a) Three grants submitted to the Wayne Community Foundation
b) Have a meeting set with Randy Zerr, Wayne County Engineer to draft a 28E agreement for Courthouse square maintenance.
c) Working with Fire Chief Josh Cobb to complete and submit a grant to USDA for funds to purchase a new cascade and air pack system.
d) Reminder that spring clean up will be next week on April 15.
e) Met with Bennett and City Attorney Norris to review zoning ordinances and procedures.
f) Deputy Clerk has water billing in good shape. She has been making calls to outstanding accounts with positive results.
g) The Crew has been very busy Monday and Tuesday repairing a major water main break.

6. Sub-Committee Reports
Housing: Rodgers reported that she and Holmes met to discuss recommendations for stipulations to be required for purchase of properties owned by the City.
1. If the home on the property is demolished it must be cleaned up within 3 months of possession.
2. If the home on the property is to be renovated:
a. The outside of the property needs to be clear of nuisances within 3 months of possession and stay free of nuisances during the process of renovation.
b. Completion of renovation would need to be done within one year of possession.
c. The renovated home would be subject to an inspection from an outside contractor. That contractor would assist the City to set what the minimum codes will be.
Council noted that George Johnston is the Code Enforcement Officer at Chariton could be a good resource.

In other Housing Committee business, the home at E North was sent a letter by City last fall (2020). Owner is trying to sell but Council will address again.

7. Consideration/Approval of USDA Grant Application for Fire Department Cascade System and Air Packs
Motion to approve application for USDA made by Homes. Seconded by Rupe. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

8. Consideration/Approval of Resolution 2021-09 Employee Assignments and Council Appointments
Motion to approval Resolution 2021-09 with the change to add Law Enforcement to the Fire Department Committee made by Rodgers. Seconded by Christian. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

9. Consideration/Approval of Cemetery Mowing Bids
Scott Bunnell was the only bid submitted for $950 per mowing. Motion to approve the bid for cemetery mowing at $950 per mowing to Scott Bunnell with the maximum city cap limit made by Rupe. Seconded by Rodgers. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

10. Consideration/Approval of Increasing Insurance Deductible to $2500
Motion to increase the insurance deductible to $2500 made by Christian. Seconded by Rupe. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

11. Consideration/Approval of 2021 Pool Employee Wages
Council reviewed the pool wage spreadsheet prepared by Rodgers and Grismore. Rodgers reported that the pool has received a $1000 donation from Redeemed and there is a fundraiser planned with Thelma’s Chicken Dinner for May 13. Donations need to come to City Hall for receipt and deposit.
If was suggested that a PayPal link could be added on the City’s website and/or Facebook page for those who want to donate to the pool. Christian, Rodgers, and Grismore will continue to work on a budget and fundraising plan.
Motion to approve the 2021 proposed pool employee wages was made by Rupe. Seconded by Holmes. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

12. Consideration/Approval of Corydon Golf Club Debt Forgiveness
At the March 31 Council meeting, Brian Draper had requested forgiveness of the remaining balance of $9016. 26 for golf course maintenance. Gibbs will review forgiving this debt with the City auditor to ensure accounting for the forgiveness is done correctly. Motion to approve forgiveness of debt for $9016.26 pending approval of the auditor made by Christian. Seconded by Rodgers. Ayes: Christian, Holmes, Rodgers, Rupe. Nays: none. Motion carried.

13. Discussion of Building Permit Fees
Council discussed the possibilities of a graduated fee structure, instead of the current flat $200 fee for all building permits. Council directed Gibbs to provide examples of other types of permit fee structures to Council for consideration. Council suggested that Justin Doll of Centerville and George Johnston of Chariton would be good resources.

14. Discussion Good Cause Business
• Christian brought up the city property on W Anthony saying that the fence is falling onto neighbor’s property. She asked if the debris that was cleaned out could be put out for clean-up. Bennett and Gibbs will talk with crew about cleaning up the parts of the fence that is leaning and removing the debris that is currently in the yard.
• There was a complaint about the house beside W Anthony (Hysell House) which has several raccoons living in it. Bennett and Gibbs will ask crew if live traps can be put out to remove as many of the animals as possible.
• Christian is reviewing information for a possible spay and neutering program for the stray cat population in town.
• Council reported that they’ve noticed younger children driving golf carts without adult/parental supervision. Gibbs will put a reminder in paper about registering ATVs, golf cart, etc. and that operation must be by a driver who is 18 years of age or older. Gibbs will review if the current ordinance include minibikes.
• There was a complaint about cars speeding on school routes during school drop off and pick up.

15. Next regular meeting April 14, 2021 @ 5:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 6:46 pm.

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Corydon is located in South Central Iowa in Wayne County. We are a small city of 1585 persons, the largest of 9 cities in the county. Corydon hosts the Wayne County Courthouse on a very charming square in the center of the city. There are two major parks, one with a nine-hole golf course and aquatic center, the other with a 58 acre lake with campgrounds, disc golf course, fishing and a nearby walking trail.

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